Emergency Dental Visit in Greenwood Village, CO

A dental emergency can be for several reasons and is different from patient to patient. If you have discomfort with teeth, gums, or the jaws, Dr. Trippel will focus on the area that brought you in that day and make a diagnosis. She will also discuss ways to fix your concern.

Dental emergencies include toothaches, large cavities, pain to the jaw or teeth, trauma to the jaw or teeth, broken teeth, and fractures or cracks in the teeth.

If you have one or more of the following symptoms concerning your tooth, visit Orchard Family Dentistry to have your tooth evaluated

It is recommended to not wait too long if you do have a dental emergency. Typically, you will be seen the same day if you call Orchard Family Dentistry in Centennial with a dental emergency. For our other services we offer, click here.