Pediatric Dentistry in Greenwood Village, CO

Orchard Family Dentistry is a “family” dental practice in Centennial that sees all ages! We believe that when the first teeth erupt, parents should schedule a happy visit with Dr. Trippel. A happy visit helps familiarize the child with the dental environment and less anxious for future appointments. These visits also allow parents to ask questions about their child’s oral health as well as learn about what foods and drinks cause cavities.

A child’s first cleaning should be a fun experience! At age 3 years old, toddlers will begin having simple cleanings and exams to check for any cavities as well as assess how the teeth are coming in. At age 6-7 years old, the child will have their first set of adult molars which will need to be sealed. As your child grows, they can be continually cared for to maintain a healthy mouth. By age 12, your child will have several adult teeth and will need their 2nd adult molars sealed. They can also be screened for orthodontic treatment. Pediatric dentistry is part of the many services we are proud to offer!

Ever wonder when your child’s teeth will erupt?  See our guidelines below! 

What If My Child Is Very Nervous?

There are several techniques we can use to help children feel at ease when at the dental office. A common and safe method includes using nitrous oxide (or laughing gas) to help remain calm. With the combination of a kid-friendly television selection and a supportive environment, children begin to feel more comfortable. At the end of the dental appointment, every child gets to choose a fun prize for doing so well!


As kids grow and learn how to take care of their oral health with the help of their parents, they will still inadvertently miss areas. Although brushing and flossing are the best ways to prevent teeth from forming cavities, dentists have developed preventative tools to help. Even if we clean our teeth faithfully, cavity-causing bacteria still finds ways to hide in the rough, uneven grooves where people chew most, the back molar teeth. Sealants are an easy and effective way to protect your child’s adult teeth right from developing new cavities at the moment they erupt. Sealants act as a barrier, or shield, over the chewing surfaces of the child’s teeth. They can be made of a thin plastic coating, resin, or other material, and are placed without needing to be numb (no anesthetic required if no cavities present). In time, these sealants may need to be replaced if they get worn away. Sealants are placed when a child’s first adult molars erupt around age 6 and when the second adult molars erupt around age 12. Sealants are so effective that studies have shown to reduce the risk of cavities by 80% in adult molar teeth. In fact, school aged children without sealants get cavities in molar teeth 3 times more than children with sealants.

For more information or to schedule an appointment to have sealants for your child at our dental office in Centennial, call Orchard Family Dentistry today.