Dental Crowns & Bridges in Greenwood Village, CO

A dental crown is a cap or cover that goes over a prepared tooth in order to provide additional strength, protection, and longevity. When a tooth begins to breakdown or crack, it is common to need a dental crown in order to prevent breakage of the tooth. With today’s technology and materials, most dental crowns are matched to the shade of your tooth.

Dental Crown

Dental Bridge

A dental bridge is recommended when there is a missing tooth or space between two compromised teeth. The two teeth on either side of the space will be prepared as if for a crown, but the final product will be a single unit comprised of 3 teeth. The bridge will in turn protect the two compromised teeth and replace the space with a tooth. A dental bridge is a permanent fixture and is not removed from the mouth daily. It also feels very natural to patients as if they never lost a tooth.

What Is Involved in a Dental Crown or Dental Bridge Procedure?

Patients can expect to receive anesthetic in order to get their tooth numb. The doctor will prepare the tooth for a crown by using different instruments to shape the tooth. The patient may then need a build up when there is decay present or to replace an old filling. Finally, the patient will be given a temporary crown until a dental lab finishes the permanent crown. For more restorative dentistry procedures we offer, click here.