Dental X-Rays in Greenwood Village, CO

Orchard Family Dentistry uses technology to enhance digital x-rays taken at our office in Centennial as part of our many preventative care services. We provide both intraoral x-rays as well as panoramic x-rays. Intraoral x-rays are typically taken once a year on average. They provide a close up view to help diagnose cavities, bone loss, root and nerve infections, and pathology. Panoramic x-rays are taken every 5 years. They provide an overall view of the mouth and help us to see the wisdom teeth, jaw (TMJ), sinus cavity, changes in bone, and pathology.


Do I Have to Take an X-ray Every Time I Come In?

It is recommended that x-rays be taken at least once a year as your oral health can change each time you visit the office. If you get your cleanings every 6 months, then x-rays are typically alternated at each appointment.

Is Radiation Still a Factor When Taking X-rays?

X-rays have come a long way in the dental industry and today there is minimal radiation when using the digital x-rays taken in our office. To put it into perspective, you will gain more radiation taking a flight from NYC to LA compared to the x-rays taken at your first appointment. However, there are circumstances when we do not take x-rays (ex., pregnancy).