TMJ & TMD in Greenwood Village, CO

The TMJ (or Temporomandibular Joint) is one of the most complex joints in the body located immediately in front of the ear on either side of your head. Muscles attached to the joint help the jaw to open and close, as well as support the disc (or cushion) between the lower jaw and the skull.

TMD (or Temporomandibular Disorder) is a condition when the muscles, bone, ligaments, or tissues surrounding the TMJ are not in harmony with one another. This can be caused by clenching or grinding your teeth during the day or when asleep at night, muscle dysfunction surrounding the TMJ, trauma to the TMJ, or damaged or displaced disc.

There are several symptoms of TMD including

At every dental exam, Dr. Trippel will ask about your concerns with your TMJ if she suspects that you may have any of the symptoms above. Suggested treatment can be as simple as a custom dental mouth guard or be more involved, which is determined on a case-by-case basis.

If you have concerns with your TMJ, contact us at Orchard Family Dentistry. We are here to protect the longevity of your teeth so that you can continue using them for a very long time.